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The latest and greatest from Quantum Credit Union!

Bark at the Park


On May 6th (and again June 21st!) Quantum Credit Union sponsored the Wind Surge's Bark at the Parkevent, which invites fans and their furry friends to enjoy a day of baseball and fun at the stadium. The event was a huge success, with many dogs and their owners showing up to enjoy the day. During the game, the dogs and their owners had special sections where they could watch the game together, including sections 19-21 for proper seats, and the berm section with grass. The stadium even had a...

Car Buying Tips and Tricks With Rosemary Denny


Few purchases are as exciting as buying a car. Whether you're in the market for a new vehicle or a pre-owned one, the anticipation of getting behind the wheel of your dream car is something that fills us all with excitement. From researching your options to taking test drives, shopping for a car can be an adventure in itself. But with so many choices, models, and financing options available, it can be hard to know where to start. Fear not, as we're here to guide you through the car buying pro...

Serious About Fraud


In this issue of Q News we are getting serious - Serious about Fraud.

Fraud is unfortunately something that credit unions must deal with and it’s something our members need to be made aware of. If we can recognize suspicious activity together the risks and dangers are far more manageable.  

Here are a few common ways bad guys will try to defraud and scam in 2023:

  1. CNP Fraud. CNP stands for Card Not Present. This kind of fraud is newer and thus is harder to protect against at the retail...

Interview With Tacos TJ 664


Tacos TJ 664 is one of our favorite spots in town for lunch and they are members of Quantum CU! Last month I was lucky enough to sit down with Miguel and Priscilla Garcia and talk to them about food, Wichita, their business, and goals.

When did TJ’s Start? Where, and how did it grow?

The restaurant started as a food truck in October of 2018 at an apartment complex’s parking lot near the Keeper of the Plains. The truck became such a popular lunch spot that the parking lot was overrun every...

Dog Days of Winter


Since this is the first month of the new year, we thought it would be fun to highlight the volunteer work we do with one of our partners, show what we’ve worked on together, and explain why you see so many dogs on our Instagram account! (@quantumcreditunion is our handle!)

Quantum Credit Union has sponsored a suite at the Kansas Humane Society since 2017. The adoption suite is front and center at the Humane Society’s adoption floor, and it provides the pup awaiting adoption with his or her...