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Pay your bills the safe and easy way with Quantum’s free online Bill Pay service.

  • View your balances in real time
  • Make payments to almost any account
  • Schedule automatic payments
  • Unlimited payments per month
  • Pay all your bills from one site
  • Stop payments when needed
  • Pay creditors faster

How to Enroll

To enroll in Quantum’s Online Bill Pay, you will first need to enroll in our Online Banking.

Learn more about Online Banking and to how enroll:


Online Bill Pay FAQs

  • What are: ACH, Single Check, and Draft Check?Open or Close

    An ACH is an Electronic Remittance of your bill payment.

    A Single Check is a Bank Check mailed to your biller.

    A Draft Check is a created check that has the same account information on it as your personal checks. This type of check only clears your account when the Payee deposits the check at their institution.

  • Why can’t I schedule a payment today?Open or Close

    Earliest available payment dates refer to the soonest that a payment can be processed. When you schedule a payment, Bill Pay automatically calculates the earliest available payment date. This date is based on several options including payee processing capabilities. It’s best to schedule payments in advance of their due date. The standard lead time is typically four days.

  • How do I see my pending bills?Open or Close

    You can see your pending/processing payments under the Payments Pending Tab on the right hand mid-side of the screen.

  • Why does it take so long for a bill to clear my account?Open or Close

    Your payment will not immediately come out of your account. It will either come out the date you scheduled the payment to be made, or in the case of a Draft Check the amount will clear when the person/company deposits the check.

  • What fees are associated with doing a payment?Open or Close

    Bill Pay will always show you the first date available to pay a bill with no added fees. If you choose, you can send an Overnight Check for $14.95, or if the company allows Same Day Bill Pay for $9.95. The only other fee you could incur would be due to insufficient funds in your account to pay the bill. Our NSF (Non Sufficient Funds) or Return fee is $30.00 per item.

  • When can I change or cancel a payment?Open or Close

    Payment changes or cancellations must be received before the payment begins processing. As long as the payment is pending it can be changed or canceled.

    If a payment is showing “in process”, a Stop Payment can be placed on a Draft Check or a Single Check by the Credit Union for a fee of $30.00.

  • Do you have a calendar feature for payments?Open or Close

    No, the new Bill Pay does not offer a calendar where you can see all past and pending payments at a glance in a calendar format.

  • How do I change/delete a biller?Open or Close

    Click on the Manage My Bills tab, then choose the Biller you want make a change to. There are 4 options that will appear after you choose the Biller.

  • How can I access the e-bills?Open or Close

    If a biller displays the icon, the biller is enabled to receive e-bills. You can initiate the sign up process by either clicking the icon or clicking the link from the Payment Assistant. Clicking either option opens an application layer for you to begin the sign up process. You may need additional information from the Biller such as a code from your paper bill in order to sign up for e-bills.


NOTE: While our goal is to send all payments electronically, we cannot guarantee 100% electronic remittance. The way the payment remits depends on the biller, your payment history, recent activity, and the amount of your payment. In some cases, the biller is not set up to receive payments electronically. Keep in mind, that whether your payment is sent electronically or sent as a single or draft check, our goal is to deliver the payment to the biller on the due date. If a bank or draft check is sent for payment, allow 1-3 business days for the mail.


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