• Why am I unable to connect to the server?Open or Close

    First, confirm that you are able to access other sites successfully. If not, contact your Internet Service Provider for assistance. Second, confirm that the URL address you typed is correct, and that you specified HTTPS at the beginning. If that doesn’t correct the problem, then it may mean that the home banking site has unexpectedly gone off-line. In this case, please contact customer service for assistance, or simply try your request again at a later time.

  • Why am I unable to access the home banking site?Open or Close

    If you are trying to connect to the home banking site but receive a “can’t find address” message, you may be trying to use a different URL. First, ensure you have the correct URL, which is: https://obc.itsme247.com/857/. The “S” represents “secure” and it is required to access the home banking site in a secure environment. See "About Security" for more information. This is the correct URL address to apply for a loan is: https://loans.itsme247.com/857/Home/Start

  • Where are my saved financial accounts in Windows?Open or Close

    Windows has the capability to store the account names locally on your PC. With an Internet-based application such as this one, it is not practical to store this information permanently on your PC. For that reason, the information is only available when using the Internet.

  • How do I disable the “cookie” warning message?Open or Close

    Cookies are small pieces of information, sent from the server, to be stored in a file on your computer. Cookies can be used for many purposes, but at our site, a cookie is used to store security information needed to maintain a secure, confidential connection to our Internet server. You can disable the cookie warning message in Netscape Navigator by selecting Options, Network Preferences, Protocols, and un-checking the “Accepting a cookie” box. In Internet Explorer, select View, Options, Advanced, and un-check the “Warn before accepting cookies” box.

  • Why did the system prompt me to log in again?Open or Close

    Outside of the Help pages, if several minutes elapse without any activity from you, the system will end your session and not allow anymore transactions until you enter your user information again. This is one measure to ensure others cannot perform transactions on your account should you step away from your computer or fail to properly exit the system when finished. See About Security for more information.